Grab your cape. Be a superhero.

Robyn Rosenberger knows a superhero when she sees one. And so do I. Robyn read about a baby girl, Brenna (a.k.a. Super Brenna), who was born with a rare skin disease that she will have to fight for the rest of her life. So Robyn made her a cape.

Robyn says, “She needs something symbolic so that she, and mainly her parents, know that people like me think that they’re extraordinary.”

Robyn founded TinySuperheroes and is making capes for kids with special needs. She is currently raising funding for her project through Indiegogo. Tomorrow is the last day to contribute on Indiegogo. She will receive any funds you donate even if she doesn’t reach her goal. She also has a one-for-one deal on Zaarly, where you can purchase a cape for a tiny superhero that you know and she will make one for them and also match you up with one tiny superhero who you don’t know yet and give a cape to them on your behalf.

I like the idea that everyone is a superhero. Everyone has super powers, so it makes sense that everyone is a superhero. Some are tiny. Some make capes. Robyn, thanks for inspiring us.

This one’s for you.


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